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The Truth About Ripoff Report and Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions

The Facts About Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions and the Ripoff Report

Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions ...Offering Revolutionary Innovations in Profitability!

Any companies believing they have been charged unsubstantiated fees from Avant-Garde, LLC, which usually occur in the amounts of $2.99, $4.99 or $6.99, that is not our company! While our company Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc., is not responsible for these charges, we would like to assist any of you incurring those charges recoup any loses by providing the following information:

Avant Garde LLC
710 S Park St
Woodland Park, CO 80863
Phone: 719 387-7249
email: avant-garde@q.com
web: www.avantg.org

Business owner's response to complaint:

I am not a scammer or a hacker. I despise them. I run a legitimate business. The website address for this business is www.Avantg.org. My guess is that most of the people that claim to have fraudulent use on their credit/debit cards have either forgotten that they went to this website and downloaded some cell themes or someone else has gotten hold of their credit cards. I am not doing this. I am just an average person, trying to make a little extra money. There are other people that I answer to and I do not receive all the profits from this venture. I only receive 5% commission on each sale. I have no way of getting these credit card numbers. I do not use any kind of key loggers or any other illegal software to obtain such information and neither do I get these numbers from any other source. My business email address is avant-garde@q.com, if you wish to have an exchange with me. I can see if I can find the actual transaction in my records, but all of my transactions are done via the web through the above mentioned website. I was using Authorize.net and Newtek as my electronic payment processing sources during this time frame. If you have any other questions or issues, please let me know. We will gladly refund your money if you still believe this transaction was not legitimate, but please go to the website I noted above and see if this is something that you may have purchased online. Also, in answer to any other questions that others may have and for the record, there have been other accusations of other amounts being charged to their credit/debit cards, the only amounts that would show up from Avant Garde, LLC, are $2.99, $4.99 and/or $6.99.

Again, I am not responsible for these charges and this is no scam. I have no way of obtaining credit/debit card numbers or bank account numbers. I don't operate like that and I would like to stay in business operating and providing a legitimate service.

Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions ...Offering Revolutionary Innovations in Profitability!

Fraud Alert!

It has come to our attention there is a company that is illegally using the name Avant-Garde and is randomly charging consumer credit card accounts for amounts ranging from $2.99 to $4.99. It is important for those of you who have been affected by this illegal activity to understand the company that is absconding with these funds is operating under the name Avant-Garde, LLC. and is based out of Woodland Hills, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. Our company is Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc., and is incorporated in the State of Nevada and these charges have nothing to do with our company.

It is important for those of you that have been affected by this apparent fraud take action immediately:

First, contact your credit card company and report these charges so they can be disputed and credited to your account.

Secondly, black out your credit card number on your statement and fax a copy to us immediately. It is urgent that we collect as many statements as possible for evidence as we are in contact with both state and federal authorities regarding this matter.

Click here for our fax number and contact information

Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions ...Offering Revolutionary Innovations in Profitability!

To whom it may concern:

I have spent more than five years developing a company, Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, which will revolutionize the credit card processing industry. Although we are already one of the fastest growing and largest companies in the industry, our success is a mere fraction of what it will become once our research and product development phase is complete.

Unlike our competitors, I realized early on that most business owners have worked hard and made substantial investments in their businesses and are not very appreciative of the fact that credit card companies have spent billions of dollars over the last 40 plus years persuading their customers to use credit cards, which cost business owners like you upwards of 4% to 10% of your net profit before the customer even leaves the store! Making matters worse, according to the thousands of business owners we deal with nationwide, most merchant service company representatives only show up to sell equipment and sign contracts, then disappear while collecting commissions on those accounts every month.

Avant-Garde was designed, from it's inception, to work with our merchants, bringing them products, services and marketing ideas that will increase customer flow, increase average sale amounts, increase repeat business and increase customer loyalty. My belief has always been that if we provide the best customer service and help business owners increase their net profits as a result of working with Avant-Garde, they will continue to work with our company and will never have any reason to work with anyone else.

As we prepare to launch our national expansion program and introduce new and innovative products and services to our clients, it is indeed disheartening to find merchants we are working with hesitating because of what our competitors are touting as "negative publicity". Rest assured that any negative information regarding my company is completely untrue and, in fact, usually borders on the ridiculous.

Our competitors, who are neither equipped nor prepared to compete with us, are touting bogus claims made by an entity entitled "Rip Off Report." This deceptive publication is written and produced by Ed Magedson, a self-professed consumer advocate who happens to specialize in extortion schemes. Ed Magedson has been sued dozens of times for his antics, has been arrested and is currently wanted by the law for extortion, violations of the RICO act (Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations) tortuous conduct and other unlawful acts.

Ed Magedson began his "Rip off Report" scam as a means of extorting money from successful business owners. He creates defamatory articles and then demands lump sums of extortion money, upwards of $50,000, from the business owners in order for them to be removed from his list! Not only does he demand large lump sums of extortion money up front from business owners, he has the audacity to demand continued monthly payments of thousands of dollars in order for the business to remain off his negative publicity list! He creates fictional reports with no research for the sole purpose of extorting "hush" money from honest, hardworking business owners unless they agree to pay him in exchange for being removed. I am sure you would feel the same way I do if your company was placed on his list and he demanded thousands of dollars in extortion money from you in order for him to put a stop to his defamatory remarks. It is hard to believe, that in today's world, despicable people like Ed Magedson can find ways to use the Internet the same way Tony Soprano and Al Capone would have used a baseball bat in years past.

Ed Magedson

Before I began Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions my husband and I contacted the Federal Trade Commission of the United States of America directly and have been in touch with them regarding every aspect of my business. In addition, we retain one of the world's leading law firms for consultation, review and compliance issues. My husband and I have invested millions of dollars designing a unique business plan and developing exclusive products and services that will revolutionize the industry and help every merchant we serve. We have enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with top industry executives who represent numerous companies, some being valued in the billions of dollars, and watching as they are amazed at our business plan and marketing ideas. Without exception they have all realized and agreed that the concept, which Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions will be delivering to business owners across America in the near future, will change the merchant services industry and also agreed we will dominate the marketplace.

It is unfortunate that there are such despicable people in the world as Ed Magedson. It just makes me want to work that much harder to bring you the products and services that will increase your profitability and allow the success of our businesses to stand as a tribute to the successful results we can achieve as a result of honesty, integrity and hard work while we allow people like Mr. Magedson to suffer the consequences of their own despicable behavior.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly at our corporate offices.


Teresa Madrigal
President and Founder
Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc